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Micronet Global Services opened its doors to offer companies the opportunity to reduce costs, reduce risks and to add value to their business processes. Micronet Global is able to satisfy our clients by successfully attending to their needs and providing them with a quality service that has become synonymous with the Micronet Global name. Micronet Global Service have extensive experience in Business Process Outsourcing services, by providing outsourcing services to all kinds of sectors throughout the country Micronet have gained the trust and reliability from some of the leading companies in Sri Lanka. And we are looking to help your company reach its goals by providing outsourced services



We handle the full payroll operations of the organizations on their request. Our staff have been specially trained to handle this task in a professional manner. We always ensure that the payroll is done 100% accurately and the salaries are paid on time to the employees.

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We are specialized in data entry operations. We undertake the data entry operations of the organizations and make sure we deliver the database beyond their expectation. We ensure the job is done on time and in a professional manner. Our main client is the Central Bank Sri Lanka. We mainly handle their EPF Data Entry project.


Apart from our core activity, we have now moved to Marketing. We are specialized in designing and conducting management training programs to suite the specific demands placed on modern day organizations, given our resource based we are able to offer training interventions on a wide variety of subjects.


Our Onsite Manpower Deployment Services (OMDS) opens a new horizon for all our clients to gain a competitive edge in its business. It involves transfer of people with the required profile, competencies and skills for a particular job or for an activity to be deployed at the client's site. The client enters into a contractual agreement with us that defines the transferred services, scope, payment terms and deployment. Our deployed staff will be working according to the clients working hours and as per the rendered agreement. We ensure to replace our staff immediately in case of service dissatisfaction and absenteeism to make sure smooth operation.


Process outsourcing is a method of subcontracting various business related operations to a third party. We are specialized in a range of Call Centre operations, Data entry services and financial services, which includes recording accounting transactions (general Léger cash book) fixed asset register, secondment of staff and management accounting. We are dedicated to enabling our clients to focus and control their core activities with peace of mind when it comes to their day to day work.